Twitter Advertising for B2B Marketers: Twitter Ads Campaign Styles


Are your Twitter efforts paying off — or do you experience like you’re shouting into a crowded room? While LinkedIn is the leading popular social platform for B2B marketing, other paid social media platforms may be effective.  In reality, 54% of B2B entrepreneurs presently use Twitter to expand brand awareness, interact with prospects, and even force income. There are two ways to use Twitter for B2B advertising — posting compelling content to develop your brand organically and leveraging Twitter Advertising, where you pay to attain a distinctly centered target audience. Twitter Ads lets you target customers based on location, language, device, age, and gender. (bestfollowers)

Twitter additionally offers appearance-alike audiences to power demand. Below, I’ll cover the specific forms of Twitter Ad campaigns, including who can use them and proportion strategies to improve your Twitter advertising and marketing ROI. 

What are Twitter Ads Campaigns?

Twitter ad campaigns are paid, centered advertisements that can assist your emblem in attaining a broader target audience, making more considerable brand attention, and pressuring backside-of-the-funnel clicks to touchdown pages, websites, and apps.

Twitter Ads Campaign Types

You have several alternatives if you want to pay to attain Twitter customers. Each advert layout comes with diverse targeting and customization options. Some advert campaigns, including Twitter Takeovers, are only to be had via accomplishing out to Twitter at once. Most campaign types, including photographs, films, or Twitter live advertisements, can be accessed thru your Twitter Ads account. 

Promoted Ads

They appear like regular tweets, display in the user’s ordinary Twitter feed and function as a small ‘promoted’ tag at the bottom, like this. The excellent part of promoted commercials on Twitter is their flexibility. Want to percentage a link, promote a video, or share five pics of a new product? You can do this.  There are five codecs for promoted commercials, which include: 

Promoted Image Ads: Showcase your emblem or product with an available image and textual content. 

Promoted Video Ads: Highlight your group or products with a brief video and force users on your website or app.  

Carousel Ads: Share up to 6 films or snapshots to sell multiple merchandise, perspectives, or gives.  

Promoted Moment Ads: Share a set of Tweets to create what Twitter calls an “immersive story.” 

Promoted Text Ads: Increase the attain of a textual content-only tweet. Because they seem like other Tweets (except the promoted tag), users are much more likely to interact with those advertisements. 

Follower Ads

Growing your Twitter fans is an excellent way to increase your attain — and emblem cognizance. Follower commercials positioned your account at the front and center inside the “Who to follow” section on Twitter.  The section includes both curated follower hints and promoted follower pointers. Like Twitter Ads, follower advertisements may be targeted to ensure you most effectively pay to attain the most certified debts. 

Twitter Takeover

Want to move huge? Twitter Takeover ads are top-rate commercials that may drive enormous consequences. These are focused on organization manufacturers and aren’t available for self-managed ad campaigns. (With that approach, you must contact Twitter to run those commercials!)  Trend Takeover occupies the top spot in targeted customers’ tendencies segment on both mobile and desktop — giving your brand a large attain. There are two significant sorts of takeovers: 

Timeline Takeover: Your ad suggests up on the top of Twitter as the first ad customers see when they open the app. 

Trend Takeover: Highlight your emblem alongside popular subjects within the trending topics tab. 

Twitter Live

Twitter Live permits you to broadcast stay videos properly on Twitter. Want to promote your live broadcast? Twitter Live commercials can reach a broader audience and drive conversations about your brand.

Twitter Ad Features 

Want your Twitter advertisements to stand out even more? Twitter Ad Features are accessories that expand the capability of other Twitter Ad formats. Ad capabilities encompass: 

Polls: Learn more about your clients and grow engagement by asking questions. 

Conversation Buttons (CTAs): Add a call to movement button to spark users to share your message. 

App Buttons: Add a clickable button that links at once to your app download web page on App Store or Play Store. 

Website Buttons: Allow users to click on a selected website or web page. 

Branded Hashtags: Trigger specific emojis whenever a particular hashtag is used. These can assist your logo stand out however come with a high fee tag.

Twitter Ads B2B Best Practices

According to a recent take a look at, Twitter commercials supply a 40% higher ROI in comparison to other media channels. That makes it an excellent platform for companies looking to generate calls for, construct attention, and stay linked as leads move via the shopping for technique.  Want to make the most of Twitter Ads? These techniques will assist in enhancing your ROI. For years, Twitter customers have leveraged visual content to get across the character restriction for tweets and engage with followers. According to Twitter, ninety seven% of Twitter users are conscious of visuals, so explicit first-rate videos and pictures are needed. 

Using brilliant visuals makes it easier to trap customers’ interest as they mindlessly scroll their feed and permit you to highlight services or products more efficiently. Twitter supports JPEG and PNG picture document codecs up to five MG, so the purpose is to apply a photo that maximizes niceness while staying within their sizing codecs. Operating GIFs in an ad renders them as a static image. Videos may be uploaded in MP4 or MOV codecs and may be as much as 1GB in length. Twitter recommends maintaining your file size below 30 MB for acceptable overall performance.  

Add CTA’s To Tell Users What to Do Next 

Call-to-movements are a vital aspect of any inbound marketing approach, and they’re particularly crucial for B2B groups on Twitter. That’s due to the fact social media is a crowded area. Most users will best look at your advert for some seconds. A powerful, fee-pushed CTA lets them recognize the subsequent step in seconds. Do you need them to download a report? Share your tweet? Sign up for a loose demo. Follow your account? Whether your purpose is logo consciousness or conversions, make the subsequent step clean and focus on fee — will they analyze a new skill, live updated on industry news, or get access to 3 functions?

Target Ads Based on Device 

Mobile and computer users engage with Twitter in one-of-a-kind methods. Mobile users will likely swipe speedily and stay on the website for a few moments. They are more likely to make spur-of-the-minute decisions but not likely to make large purchases.  Running separate campaigns for cellular and laptop customers lets you reveal users’ content or promotions they’re much more likely to interact with. For example, a cellular person may watch a shorter video or download an app. At the same time, a laptop user can be more willing to fill out a lead-era shape or download a white paper. 

Test extraordinary ad formats and dreams to ensure your campaigns align with how customers interact with the platform. 

Use Twitter’s Ad Features   

Twitter Ad Features (which we protected above) let you upload functionality to particular ad sorts, such as polls, app downloads, conversations, and website buttons. These features make it less challenging to inspire customers to take a selected movement — and tend to be extra visually attractive, like this ballot  instance. Twitter Ad Features can also direct users to precise touchdown and app download pages or activate users to percentage your content material and enlarge emblem focus. These functions are accessible, so look for ways to include them in your contemporary commercials and check the consequences. 

Use Multiple Ad Formats 

When setting up your Twitter Ad Campaign, recall creating numerous ads in distinctive formats. For instance, using a video carousel in a single version and an image carousel in some other or testing the effectiveness of text versus video advertisements for a product launch. According to Twitter, using three or different ad types increases marketing campaign awareness by 20% and buy reason by 7%.  It’s also a clean manner to check which ad formats and CTAs your target audience can respond to. 

Final Thoughts on Twitter Advertising for B2B 

As a B2B marketer, it’s clean to overlook there are valuable structures outside of LinkedIn. Twitter is an effective social media advertising platform that lets you reach a centered target audience at the right moment, boom logo cognizance, and interact with leads in an informal putting. To see the excellent outcomes on Twitter, used a mix of natural content to establish brand focus and paid commercials that pressure motion. And make sure to keep away from those Twitter marketing mistakes.

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