How to Draw A Hospital Easily

Draw A Hospital

How to Draw A Hospital. Hospitals are one of the most important institutions we have in modern society.

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Illness and injury are, unfortunately, an integral part of human life, but luckily we have hospitals with capable doctors, nurses, surgeons and other practitioners who can help.

Hospitals come in many shapes, sizes and designs, but they are equally important regardless of their form. Learning to draw a hospital is a great way to honour this important institution.

This may seem not easy, but this tutorial aims to show you that it can be a different way!

We hope you enjoy this great step-by-step tutorial on drawing a hospital we have created for you.

How to Draw A Hospital

Step 1

To get this guide on how to start a hospital, let’s start with the front of the building. In doing so, the first thing we draw won’t be a part of the hospital itself!

Instead, we’re going to draw an ambulance since this vehicle is very important for the functioning of the hospital.

First, you should grab a ruler, as it will make drawing the ambulance much easier and the rest of the hospital much.

For the ambulance, start with two circles, each with smaller circles inside. Next, use your ruler to draw the square shape of the ambulance.

Remember to put a block cross and a mermaid on top! Finish this step by drawing straight, horizontal lines for the hospital’s base and adding a small potted plant near the left side.

Step 2

Continuing with this hospital drawing, you can add more shapes and details. First, next to the drawn one, you can draw another potted plant.

Next, we’ll add two large square shapes for the front of the hospital. The top lines of these squares also extend slightly further than those of the sides.

The reference image will show you what we mean by that!

Finally, for this step, you can draw a nice tree on the right side of the scene, and then we can move on to step 3.

Step 3

At this stage of our guide on how to draw a hospital, we will add a lot, and even if this is true, it will not be as complicated as it seems!

Your ruler and reference image are your most useful tools for this part.

Using the reference image, we’ll add some square and rectangular shapes to the ones we’ve already started. Try to place them as we did for ours if you can.

Finally, draw a ridge for the hospital roof, and then we can continue.

Step 4

Your hospital drawing is now really taking shape! As we continue, we’ll draw more shapes with your ruler.

As shown in our reference image, you can start drawing some thin rectangular shapes on the left side of the hospital.

Next, let’s draw a large rectangular shape over the centre part of the hospital. Some lines are also drawn on this shape.

Finally, draw some small squares and rectangles on the right side of the hospital and then add some puffy clouds on top. So we’re ready for the finishing touches on the next.

Step 5

In our fifth step of drawing a hospital guide, you will add the elements and put the finishing touches.

First, let’s draw a helicopter with straight, rounded lines on the top left of the hospital.

The other details will consist of straighter lines on the hospital shapes, and we will also add another thick rough inside a circle on the front of the hospital.

Please add any other small details or elements to this image!

Step 6

Now it’s time to finish off the hospital drawing with some paint! In our reference image, we showed you how to colourize this image.

We chose fresher blues and greens for most of the hospital facade but also incorporated some grey tones for some parts.

We also used shades of red for the medical crosses and the helicopter on the roof for a splash of warmer colours.

We went for these colours, but while you could use similar shades, you can also use some unique colour choices!

What colours, art tools, and mediums best suit your awesome hospital drawing? We can’t wait to see what you go for!

Your Hospital Drawing is Finished!

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