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Footwear is a necessity, luxury and a fashion statement. Footwear is a must-have for everyone.  Nowadays, there are hardly any people who walk barefoot.  Many types of footwear dominate the fashion world. Sandals, sneakers, flats, heels, etc. are some of them.  Among those, heels have an additional benefit.  Heels can transform a short person into a tall person.  Therefore, the importance of heels in the world of footwear is great.  Yes.  Heard it right. Today’s topic of discussion is heels.  Many types of heels are available in the market.  This article is penned to introduce different types of heels to the readers.  High-heel mega sales are up!  Refer to the latest trend of high heels on Famous Footwear.  Use Famous footwear discount codes to avail of more discounts.  

  • Kitten Heels 

Initially, kitten heels were introduced for young adolescent girls as fashion attire. It was introduced in the late 1950s. This style was spread by Audrey Hepburn. From the 1950s until now, kitten heels have had a place for themselves in this fashion world. Kitten heels are generally short stiletto heels. These kitten heels may be worn at the office on a regular basis. Kitten heels have so far never disappointed its users. They are the first choice of every high-heel lover. Many Cinderellas find high heels tough to wear. In that case, kitten heels can help at parties and pubs. Heels of kitten heels can vary from 2.5 to 5 cm in height. Still, thinking? Gift a heel for the company’s rudest CEO at an affordable rate. Use Current Boutique promo codes to avail of more discounts. 

  • Pumps

A pump shoe is also known as a court shoe in British English. Pump shoe is an American word. Pump is also known as simply heels.The heels has an average height of 2-3 inches. It has a low-cut front with or without a buckle. One can choose to wear it for any auspicious occasion. Before wearing it, make sure that the occasion demands it. Plumps are also available on Famous footwear. It has a special corner reserved for the plumps themselves. Hurry! Grab it before the offer ends!  Explore Famous Footwear Shopping to know more.

  • Ankle heels

Ankle heels are one of celebrities’ favorite footwear. Many models use it in Ramp walks too. Daring pop singers also use these heels in their concerts despite the fear of falling and messing up the concert. The length of the heels varies from each other. So, there is no specific measurement for these heels. What highlights the most is its ankle strap. This ankle strap makes entire feet elegant, and it is more secure and comfortable to walk. Want to wear a cool Ankle heel and make every Karen in the group jealous? Choose famous Footwear. It has exclusive collections of Ankle heels. Don’t forget to use Famous Footwear coupon codes to get more price reductions. 

  • Wedge Shoes/wedge heels

Wedge shoes are of two types. One is wedge heels and the other is wedge shoes. Wedge heels are similar to high heels and have no separation between heel and sole. The upper is more shoe-like. On the other hand, Wedge sandals have more open sandal uppers and have straps on them. Both go well with traditional and modern outfits. Both wedge sandals and shoes have a similar type of heel, that is, no separation of heels from the sole. Want to give a makeover to your feet and look classy? Try wedge shoes. Buy the latest footwear collection from Famous footwear. Refer to Famous Footwear offers to know more. Be the star of the show! 

  • Cone heels

The name itself gives an idea about the heels. Yes, you guessed correctly. It is in the shape of an ice cream cone. It is pointed at the base and wide and flat at the top of the sole. The heels are detached from the front portion of the footwear. It goes well with most outfits. It is ideal for parties and family functions. Collect all the Famous Footwear coupons and stand a chance to win gifts. Love is priceless and so is the Footwear of Famous Footwear. Late owls, please note the offer is only for limited hours, don’t be late. Rush to the website and grab all the footwear now! 

  • Platform Heels

Platform heels vary from short to tall. They are women’s favorite as they are comfortable to wear. There is a specialty for these heels. The part under the sole is thicker. Thus, there will be less height difference between the front and back of the foot. This is more comfortable than the other heels, where there is a huge gap between the front and back parts. The new year offers have enlightened heel lovers. Collect all the top-quality footwear at less price from Famous Footwear. Use Famous Footwear sales flashcards to get massive discounts.   

  • Spool heels

Its mechanism is similar to that of a spool of thread. At the sole, the heel is thicker than it is narrowed and again thicker at the base. But the base is not as thick as the top. There is an exclusive deal for spool heels in famous footwear. Take a look at the latest deals at Famous Footwear Deals

  • Stilettos 

Stilettos are the tower of all heels. Its height is almost 8 inches. But these heels are not advised for people with spinal cord issues and back pain. It is necessary to have relevant skills before trying out these heels. There is a risk of falling and getting sprained if the inexperienced put on these heels. Severe falls can even lead to fractures of bones. 

There are many more types of heels.  Like sling boot heels, peep toe heels, cork high heels, ankle booties, mules, cut-out heels, and many more. Consider health issues if there are any before wearing high heels. Some heels make things difficult for the legs. Choose suitable heels, walk confidently and be the star of the show!

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