Different Types of Degree Programs

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Choosing a college and degree program that meets your needs and interests is important. Whether you are interested in business, social sciences, health professions or engineering, you can find a degree program that suits you best.

Associate degrees

If you’re considering a career change, you may be weighing the benefits of earning an associate degree versus a bachelor’s degree. The decision is a complicated one. But it can be easier if you understand the differences between the two.

While both degrees are necessary for certain jobs, there are more opportunities for growth with a bachelor’s degree. It’s a good idea to look at the job market before deciding. Also, check with the admissions team at your school of choice for more information.

A bachelor’s degree is a higher level of learning but is also more expensive. Depending on where you attend, tuition can be steep. To help you save money, take the time to do some research. You can even apply for state and federal funding.


A bachelor’s degree in business can prepare you for various careers. It offers a solid foundation in business principles and can open doors to various jobs, including marketing, finance, human resources, and management.

Business degrees also allow students to focus on a specific area of interest. For example, students can concentrate on health services management, information technology, or project management. They can also learn about contracting, team leadership, and negotiation tactics.

Most jobs in business require a college degree. In addition to the technical skills that a bachelor’s degree teaches, graduates are often equipped with communication and soft skills.

Health professions

A bachelor’s degree in health professions is an excellent way to prepare for various careers in health care. Depending on your goals, a bachelor’s degree in healthcare can lay the foundation for a career in research, management, public policy, or as a community health worker.

A bachelor’s degree in health sciences lays the foundation for various graduate degrees. Some students in this program pursue a master’s in healthcare administration, medicine, or another discipline.

Students who complete a health science bachelor’s degree will learn how to diagnose and treat disorders. They will also learn to use prescription medications safely.

Students may also pursue a career in public health or nursing. However, they may need additional training or a master’s degree before entering the workforce.

Social sciences

A bachelor’s degree in social sciences can prepare you for various careers in the social sector. It can also be a basis for further studies in graduate school or other professional fields. Whether you plan to work in government, business or educational institutions, a social science degree can open the door to many exciting career options.

Bachelor’s degrees in social sciences are designed to help students learn about the connections between culture, geography and people. Students will study subjects such as anthropology, psychology and economics. They will develop skills in critical thinking, analysis, research and communication.

Students can major in anthropology, political science, sociology, or other academic disciplines. While many schools offer these degrees, a few are particularly noteworthy.


If you love thinking up new ways to use technology, an engineering bachelor’s degree can be the right path. It prepares you to enter a variety of industries, such as the health care, transportation, computer science, and architecture industries.

As you study engineering, you’ll develop mathematical, problem-solving, and analytical abilities. You’ll also gain a thorough knowledge of the various specializations within the field.

You’ll need to complete an accredited program to become a professional engineer. Some schools require a certain GPA, high scores on the SAT or ACT, and letters of recommendation.

Professors teach the program curriculum with years of experience. Students also benefit from full internships and co-op opportunities.

Biology and biomedical sciences

If you are interested in a scientific career, a bachelor’s degree in biology and biomedical sciences can help you achieve your goals. With a degree in these areas, you can enter various fields, including dentistry, medicine, pharmaceuticals, and research. You can also pursue a graduate degree in these areas.

Students in this program learn about biological structures and systems and study how they function. They also study the history and philosophy of science. They will take a range of courses from history to genetics and physiology. During the first and second years, students will focus on core concepts. These include the flow of genetic information, the mechanisms of heredity, evolution, and the role of natural selection.

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